DC Universe Online Officially Set for January 11th!


Yesterday we let you know that Amazon was telling people that DC Universe Online would release on January 11th, and today it’s official. IGN UK received confirmation that the game will indeed release on that day as well as feature a $14.99 monthly fee with a $199 lifetime membership option. As the $199 price works out to just over a year of normal payments, it’s actually a really good deal.

They also have an interview up with game director Chris Cao, in which he confirms a couple cool things. One of the server names will be The Killing Joke. If that is a PVP ruleset server, that’s where you’ll find me playing. He also hinted at a new endgame raid beyond the Batcave and the upcoming “Batcave Phase 2”:

Chris Cao: We have a lot more we want to add and we’ll be doing it with a series of updates and publishes. Updates will be more frequent and will bring new ‘tween’ content (content between the solo game and end game), end game growth (e.g. Batcave Phase 2 and beyond), new comic cutscenes, and new cool loot to win. Publishes are much larger and will introduce all new features, completely different environments, and big story advances to the game. Brainiac has invaded Earth. He’s bottled the cities. Go stop him! And, when you’ve saved the Batcave, rest assured that another famous lair awaits…

Say it after me: Fortress of Solitude. I wonder if you’ll have to fight giant polar bear guards to get in it?