A Gamer\’s Novel


You’re probably wondering “what’s a gamer’s novel?” Well, I’ll not keep you boggling. It’s how I (a gamer) look at a novel, or rather how I read it. Just to be clear I am capable of reading only the expiration date on cartons. I have never given novels the attention I have given to the ant crawling under the weight of a crumb. I have only played games with a great amount of involvement and till last fortnight I was dead sure that no novel can match a well crafted video game. A series of events took place last month, and my belief was shattered.


I was into Gears of War, a game based on tactical army which was on a mission to kill the hideous creatures of the night. I instantly Google the thing which catches my attention, so I did the same with Gears of War and found that it has its own Wikipedia. While going through the profiles of such interesting characters of the game I came across the name Karen Traviss. Where else had i seen this name I wondered…of course, on the cover of three Star Wars novels! And now she has given the deepest background to the  Gears in her four part novel series.


It was Gears of War, I had to see what the novels had to offer. Besides, I wanted to know why the protagonist, Marcus Fenix, kept to himself and how his friend, Dom, lost his family and is on a never ending quest to find his wife, and how are they ever going to kill the very last of the hostile Locust (well the last two questions are unanswered till the very last of the novel series). With the hope to have a better understanding of their world I suspended the game to read the first book in the series, Aspho Fields. The novel is a prequel to the game and has a handful of interesting characters who gave life to the game. Two stories run parallel, one before the game one after the game. So the person who has played the game gets a fair idea of the timeline. Even to a non-gamer it is a good read as it is a science fiction novel which are easy to grasp (no hocus-pocus of overdrawn moody emotions). The novel builds the background for the final battle at Aspho Fields for the possession of a deadly weapon, Hammer of Dawn, which can erase mankind or Locust-kind with a few assaults. It’s in this battle where the death of a brave Gear and Marcus’ friend, Carlos, is finally revealed. A fine example of how best friends look out for each other. The unexpected turn of events, the turmoil created, the revealing of another side of the characters keeps you right at the edge of you chair, especially when all three happen at the same time in the final battle. Aspho Fields packs enough heroism, emotion, loyalty, drama, action, comedy, and firepower to  Blow . You . Up

Next on my reading list are:

The other 3 novels, and all of its comics.

& I have to play GoW 2 & GoW 3.