Twisted Horror Movie Exposes Secret Government Conspiracy Theory


Since we wrapped up our last segment on The Walking Dead we realized that there are a lot more of you Zombie lovers than we thought.  That’s why when we stumbled across this trailer, we figured you’d want the DL. 

When I initially saw the trailer for the movie “Destined To Be Ingested” I could not help but crack up laughing, I definitely did not take it seriously. At first glance the movie appeared to be quite bizarre. Yet and still something about this film compels you to watch and before you know it you’re sucked into the madness.

What I thought was gonna be a terrible horror flick turned out to be horribly good (in a Zombie Strippers meets Sean of the Dead kind of way). “Destined To Be Ingested” is a sordid tale about a group of friends who set off on a steamy vacation filled with wild passionate sex, money and drugs. The dialogue is very entertaining and sex just oozes off the screen until suddenly our characters find themselves on a remote island.

As our curious characters decide to explore this remote island which they perceive to be a tropical paradise all hell breaks loose. Without spoiling the movie or giving away too many details, let’s just say the island is inhabited by zombies and cannibals. However, there are those from a certain school of thought (conspiracy theorist) that viewed the movie who believe the so-called cannibals are actually reptilian humanoids.

Many conspiracy buffs believe what may appear to be a sexually titillating and gruesome horror film to the average viewer is really part of an ongoing secret government plot to control humanity. Conspiracy theories aside, the contrast between bloody murder sprees, twisted sex plots and beautiful cinematography all lead up to a enjoyable and thrilling climax.

You can find the full length “Destined to Be Ingested” DVD at or

Thanks to entertainer Mongo Slade for pointing out the conspiracy theories.