DC Universe Online: Best Superhero MMO yet?


Last week we brought you some quick first impressions of DC Universe Online, and we were initially not very impressed. However after putting in a weekend fighting crime in both Metropolis and Gotham City, our opinion has definitely changed. In fact, it’s now pretty easy to say that DC Universe Online is not only the best Superhero MMO yet, but also a welcome return to Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online-style world PVP. Those of you who loved the epic Rebs-vs-Imps world PVP in SWG will love the Hero-vs-Villain open PVP in DCUO.

First off, even if you’re playing on a PC, you’ll need a gamepad. Our complaints about the mouse control evaporated when I plugged in one of my Xbox 360 pads into my PC. The game is a thousand times more fun with a gamepad, and the gameplay flows so much smoothly. Combos are easier to rack up and it feels a lot less tedious. This isn’t really a drawback when you look at the game as the first Action Game MMO. In fact, if you’ve ever played the original Crackdown on the Xbox 360 the game will remind you of a MMO version of that.

The physics-based is what sets this apart from all other MMOs. This isn’t like WoW where you’re just hitting a hot key to do a special attack. There isn’t even an auto attack. It’s like playing an action beat-em-up on a console, only it’s in a persistent world with tons of other players. And those other players is where the PVP comes in.

While there are “arena” battles where you can play as the famous characters, and people who pre-order get to be Batman; the real PVP is in the world PVP on the open PVP servers and it is a lot like SWG. For example, last night in Gotham a cry went out that a level 17 villain was ganking lower level heroes near Crime Alley. Just like in the days of Rebs and Imps fighting it out in Bestine, the result ended up in some great PVP.

The game is still in beta and does have some bugs and issues to address before launch, but even at this stage it’s a much better Superhero MMO than what’s currently on the market.