The Clone Wars is nominated for 4 Annie Awards!


If you’re not an animation fan, that headline may not mean much. Basically the Annie Awards are the Oscars of animation, and The Clone Wars has been nominated for four of the awards, including Best Animated Television Production. Here are their four nominations:

Best Animated Television Production
•Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Arc Troopers” – Lucasfilm Animation, Ltd.

Writing in a Television Production
•Daniel Arkin “Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Heroes on Both Sides” – Lucasfilm Animation Ltd.

Voice Acting in a Television Production
•Corey Burton as Baron Papanoida “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” – Cartoon Network
•Nika Futterman as Asajj Ventress “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” – Cartoon Network

The awards will be handed out on February 5th.