Why \”The Event\” is really the BSG sequel we all wanted


While watching “The Event” the other night, it struck me that this show could have easily been conceived as a follow up series to Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. Picture if you will, an alternate reality where Moore’s plans for the series extended beyond the Galactica finding our Earth… (WARNING- POSSIBLE/SPECULATIVE “THE EVENT” AND “BSG” SPOILERS AHEAD)

After the Climactic battle with the Cylons, Galactica still randomly jumps to the tune of “all along the watchtower”, finding itself crippled in orbit around Earth. The year is 1944. The Galactica scans the surface of the planet, finding a civilization that couldn’t possibly provide safe harbor from the pursuing Cylons or re-contact the colonial fleet. Caught in earth’s gravitational well without the power to pull free, Adama crashes the Galactica in the most remote place on the planet he can find, Northern Alaska.

Adama is killed in the crash, But Laura Roslin finds herself mysteriously cured of her cancer due to an “Unkown element” in earth’s atmosphere. She orders Apollo and Baltar to get the uninjured survivors (including the final five, and other humanform cylons) to safety, and work on developing the technology for them to rejoin the fleet. 97 Galactica survivors are taken into custody and the Mount Inostranka facility is built to quarantine them when it is realized that these people are not of terrestrial origin. The “Unknown element” also causes the survivors of the twelve colonies to be extremely long lived.

Meanwhile, The surviving Humanform Cylons led by Brother Cavil find their way to earth as well, realizing that the secret of Cylon regeneration lies in this “Unknown element”. They build their power base, but realize that they are aging faster than those aboard Galactica. Brother Cavil begins decades long genetic testing, culminating in the present day with experiments on 8 year old girls kiddnapped from their homes around the country. One of the Cylon Eights/Boomers from Galactica discovers brother Cavil’s bunch in the sixties. Brother Cavil knows that this eight is aging at the same rate as the others aboard Galactica and so keeps her close, convincing her to join him as his ruthless enforcer. The Eight takes the name Vicki.

Fast forward to present day…. Baltar has become a very wealthy man by helping to accelerate Terran technology. Lee Adama has become a mole in the FBI. The seated president discovers the truth about the Inostranka facility and threatens to reveal the truth, promising Roslin that her people will get the rights they deserve as human beings. Brother Cavil realizes that if the presence of the Galactica people is revealed, then the American people may take a closer look at him and his activities, so he orchestrates a plot to kill the president and Roslin before they can reveal the truth at a press conference.

Once Baltar learns of the plot, he uses the limited FTL technology they have managed to develop to jump Flight 514 to the desert moments before it would crash into the presidential compound. Baltar is now pursuing his own agenda that would allow the Colonials to remain on earth, and has become intimate with Tory (who survived Chief Tyrol’s attack aboard Galactica by playing opossum). Apollo reluctantly goes along with it all, helping President Rosilyn escape federal custody.

Once free, Roslin calls a meeting of the Galactica survivors, to let them all know that her intent is to return them to the fleet. A meeting afterward with the council of twelve that Baltar has set up to represent the colonies among the Galactica’s passengers does not go as Roslin had hoped, with Tory insisting that many of the colonials want to stay on Earth. Roslin leaves with Baltar to recover an important component of Galactica’s FTL drive, unaware that Baltar is planning on killing her.

Brother Cavil then discovers that one of the pair giving his organization so much trouble (Leila)  is a Six, and orders her to be captured.

I confess that this is all highly speculative and maybe wishful thinking on my part, but you have to admit it answers a whole lot of nagging questions about both shows and the parallels (once pointed out) are hard to ignore.  I still think that the similarities between the actors and actresses isn’t entirely coincidental. In any event, (pun intended) it sure makes watching the show a whole lot more interesting.

But what do you think? Comment below, and let the theory blasting begin.