The Walking Dead \’Wildfire\’ Review


Five episodes in, and “Wildfire” is the first episode of The Walking Dead’s run that has me worried. Not so much in a drop in quality; as the episode was as great as you’d expect, but instead in what direction they’ll be taking the series as there seems to be the beginning of a slight departure from the comic storyline. Now, this could just be a minor fork in the road and they’ll get back on the comic plot soon into the second season, or they could be doing something very different from the comic, but not completely original in terms of zombie stories.

Following the aftermath of the walker attack on the camp, I wasn’t surprised at all for zombie Amy to show up. In fact, I almost expected her to zombie-out in the last episode as it could’ve worked as an awesome “jump scare” right at the end of the episode. It may have worked better there to really be an exclamation point on the shocking attack. As for Jim being infected and wanting to become a zombie to maybe find his dead family, was I the only one who had fears of a “Survival of the Dead” episode coming? You know. The survivors come across a quiet town where zombies are trying to live out their old lives, and right there to greet them are Jim and his zombie family. Lets hope they don’t go there.

As for the end, that’s where the worry started to creep in. The whole shadow of an evil government possibly responsible for the outbreak takes The Walking Dead right into a cookie-cutter zombie movie story. Hopefully they’ll get past this bit real quick and it won’t be the focus of the series going forward. We don’t need The Walking Dead to become Resident Evil.