Winter is Coming – Third Game of Thrones Trailer


If you watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO you probably already saw this, but here it is for those who don’t have HBO. And if you don’t, you’ll want to call your cable company and order it ASAP as Game of Thrones will be the big geek series in-between The Walking Dead seasons. This new trailer shows a whole lot more from the series, including lots of dialog from Ned.

So far things seem pretty faithful to the book with only a few changes. Naturally the timeline has been advanced about five years to make Daenerys about 18 as, if you’ve read the book, a 13-year-old Daenerys would never work in a television series; even on HBO. Also there seem to be some minor changes, such as Jaime and Ned’s confrontation taking place during the day instead of the night. But other than that, it looks really good.