10 Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Monsters


We asked you on our Facebook page what your favorite Dungeons & Dragons monsters were and there was an overwhelming response, and some damn good choices. Below you’ll find the ten most popular Dungeons & Dragons monsters that you named.


It’s a giant flying eyeball with smaller eyeballs on tentacles and big sharp teeth. It can also seriously mess up a group of higher level adventurers, especially if the DM wants to be evil and take advantage of all if its abilities. The Beholder is also the most iconic of all D&D monsters (aside from Dragons, of course) and it’s hard to not see one and not think of the game.

Mind Flayer

By far one of the most popular monsters is the Mind Flayer. Just look at the thing. Tentacled face, cool robes, and they kill you with really gnarly powers. They’re also common to the Underdark, which instantly makes them cooler.


What’s worse than one dragon? How about five and each one is a different flavor of pain. Any DM who would toss this gal in their campaign was just evil and deserved to be beat up after the gaming session.

The Drow

Sure, Drow are a playable race in D&D…but that’s always been controversial. The dark elves may have had their origins with Gary Gygax in the original D&D, but it took R.A. Salvatore and a noble Drow named Drizzt to really flesh out their society and make them by far one of the coolest evil races in all of D&D.


You can’t have D&D without Dragons. Choose your flavor from Chromatic, to Metallic, and even the awesome Ancient Red. You have numerous choices when it comes to Dragons and they’re almost all awesome.


While you could lump the Dracolich in with other Dragons, he’s just so unique that he deserves his own spot. This is what you get when you combine an undead Dragon with a Lich and he basically has the powers of both. A very worthy opponent for any party of adventurers and a seriously cool monster.


Not just a zombie, an old-school Revenant was the Terminator of zombies. This guy just would not stop until you chop him into little bits. While Wizard’s has recently reinvented the Revenant, the original from the very first Fiend Folio remains one of the best D&D monsters ever.


The Githyanki have a long history in D&D and have gone through some alterations over the decades, but they remain one of the coolest looking evil races and if it weren’t for the huge love of the Drow, they would probably be just as popular as the dark elves.

Rust Monster

What’s worse than a monster destroying your weapon when you fight them? Nothing. The Rust Monster was an awesome idea and one that still terrifies players when they have to encounter them.


Giant frogs are scary enough, but these guys reproduce by planting embryos into people just like the xenomorphs in alien. That’s just gross.

Honorable Mention: The DM

No list of monsters in Dungeons & Dragons would be complete without mentioning the Dungeon Master. He can kill you anyway he wants, and really piss you off. This is the most deadly creature in D&D by far.