Green Lantern Trailer Analysis


So if you haven’t watched the Green Lantern trailer about a hundred times by now, you can do so right here. Green Lantern is poised to be the big science fiction movie next year. While it is based on a DC comic, it’s always been the “scifi” one in the DC Universe. We’ve been following the movie since the script stage, and from the looks of this trailer it’s staying pretty true to what was an absolutely epic scifi story and the type of movie that will make comic fans geek out when they are normally used to comic adaptations leaving out characters, villains, or storylines.

Everything you’d want in a Green Lantern movie is here, and as the trailer shows they aren’t afraid to have alien lanterns. Word is the Clark Kent cameo was out of the movie before they even started filming, but there hasn’t been confirmation yet if a scripted cameo for Guy Gardner made the cut or not. Check out our analysis of the trailer below and it shows why if you’re a Lantern fan, it’s time to get very excited.

Abin Sur. Played in Green Lantern by Jango Fett himself, Temeura Morrison.

The Ring!

The first, of many, looks at Oa.

Tomar-Re with Hal Jordan overlooking Oa.


Tomar-Re flying over Oa.

First look at Hal’s Power Battery. There’s a better one later in the trailer.

A fist construct from the ring. They promise more complex constructs in the movie as well.

Hector Hammond with a smaller forehead.

Hal takes off over Oa.

Sinestro on Oa.


Hector Hammond, a bit closer to how you’d expect him to look.

They made a point to show Hammond’s YELLOW eyes. If you’re a Lantern fan you know what that means…

At the end of the trailer we get a great look at the costume, and there’s the Power Battery again on the table.

Green Lantern is due out on June 17th!