The Walking Dead \’Tell it to the Frogs\’ Review


That’s right, we’re going to continue to review every episode of The Walking Dead if only to let you know that if you’re not watching what’s the best show on television; there has to be something wrong with you. The first season is only six episodes, and this week’s marks the halfway point. It’s depressing to know that there are now only three episodes left and we’ll likely be waiting a year for the next season.

Continuing the story from last week, the episode opens with Dixon stuck on that roof with walkers trying to get through the door. Since the door was chained shut with a padlock, they can’t break the chain and get to him. Things immediately kick into gear with Rick returning with the survivors to the camp and is finally reunited with his wife and son. The reunion is everything you’d expect it to be, although Rick doesn’t yet learn about Lori and Shane (but there is a little resolution on that side of things by the end of the episode).

Things get complicated when Merle’s equally racist redneck brother returns from a hunt to learn that they left his brother stranded and chained to a rooftop in Atlanta. So he, Rick, Glenn, and T-Dog decide to return to Atlanta to rescue Merle and bring back Rick’s sack of guns and ammo. The episode ends with the rescue team reaching the roof and finding Merle gone, as he did exactly what you expected him to do when that hacksaw dropped out of the bag in the last episode.

With only a couple quick zombie appearances this week, the focus is again squarely on the survivors the the drama within the camp and it again shows why The Walking Dead continues to be the best show on any network. The show continues to be so good it makes you want to go back and watch a great zombie movie, but unfortunately none of them are as good as The Walking Dead. It’s almost shocking how great the show is, and it’s no surprise that its ratings went up from week two to this episode.

Word is getting out, and if you don’t want to miss out on the show you can snag a season pass off iTunes for about $16 and stream episodes on AMC’s website. There’s only three episodes left.