Mass Effect 2 heads to PS3 with all DLC


It’s been a while since EA announced that the best science fiction game in a long time would be headed to PS3, but now Bioware has clarified exactly what the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 would include. Naturally the game will include ALL of the downloadable content from the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, but as the PS3 never received Mass Effect 1 the game will include an exclusive comic via the Cerberus Network to bring PS3 owners up to speed. Bioware explained what this is on their forums:

“BioWare Edmonton (the group that made Mass Effect 2) teamed up with the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics to create an interactive backstory. While I can’t release all the details about this yet, what I can tell you is that we want to create a stunning visual experience that not only tells the core story elements of Mass Effect 1, but also is fully interactive allowing you to be faced with some of the major choices which will have consequences your Mass Effect universe. This interactive comic’s initial release will be exclusive to PS3 owners who would be otherwise unable to realize the full effect of choice in the Mass Effect universe and will be included on the Cerberus Network.”

So for $60 you’ll basically get all you need to enjoy Mass Effect 2 on the PS3; if you’ve never played it on the Xbox or PC.