The Walking Dead \’Guts\’ Review


Does The Walking Dead keep up the quality with the second episode? Yes, absolutely positively, yes. Two and a half hours into it, and it’s easy to say that The Walking Dead isn’t just the best scifi/horror series on television, but also easily one of the best shows of the season period.

The second episode initially picks up at the survivor’s camp before returning to Rick in the Tank. We do see how Rick gets out, thanks to the help from Glenn, where he then meets the survivors in the department store. Again, the character drama plays a bigger part than the gore where Rick’s appearance jeopardizes the safety of some new survivors; and it’s your typical zombie apocalypse mix of people that naturally clash for somewhat predictable reasons.

The “Guts” title is in reference to easily the goriest part in the series yet. I’m serious here, don’t be eating while watching this episode. In order to escape the department store and find a way to distract the walkers, Rick and Glenn need to hack up the body of a “dead” walker and use its guts and blood to disguise their living smell. This works well…until it starts to rain.

In the end the survivors do make it out of the department store, but again you’re left wanting the next episode. The film-quality of the series continues, and this will be one you’ll absolutely want to watch on BluRay in order to watch the whole thing straight through. There’s only four episodes left of the first season of Walking Dead. And if they continue to be this good, we’re in for a gory treat.