Wondering where Tron is in Tron Legacy?


If you’re an old school Tron fan and wondering where the movie’s namesake is in the sequel, there now may be an answer; although be aware that if true it’s a pretty massive spoiler. Referencing the new Tron: Betrayal comic prequel to the movie, Blue Sky Disney has hatched a theory about the fate of Tron that some have theorized since the original teaser trailer was released. As it’s a spoiler, you’ll need to highlight the following text from the blog:

“There’s compelling evidence that Rinzler is Tron. First, he has the same square “T” pattern on his chest as Tron. Second, he has not one but TWO identity disks. Third, he’s Clu’s head of security. Tron is a security program. Tron Betrayal should help to “rectify” this discrepancy but it’s likely that Tron’s functions will be corrupted and taken over by Rinzler similar to how Flynn was able to take over the functions of Sark’s security program.”

Is it true? Well check out this comparison pic: