Star Wars Sequel Trilogy due in 2019?


We know you’ve heard this one before, but this time it’s coming from a source who’s been right many times in the past; especially in regards to Lucasfilm/Star Wars matters. is reporting that they’ve heard from their Bothans within the Ranch that the Flanneled One is planning a new Star Wars trilogy for release about 24 months after the re-release of Return of the Jedi in 2017. Sound far fetched? Not so when you read the article and understand what they are saying is exactly how Lucasfilm operates.

IESB is saying that Lucas will use the 3D re-releases to finance the new trilogy, and that’s par for the course for him. He used the toys, merchandise and “LAST TIME ON VIDEO” VHS release of the Original Trilogy to fund the Special Editions. The profits from those then financed the Prequels. So the upcoming BluRay and 3D releases are obviously not for Lucas’ retirement, so having a new trilogy planned with the money from those projects makes sense.

The question remains; what will the trilogy be about? Lucas has said that the Skywalker story is over, so it’s possible that the trilogy will be set in an era of the Star Wars universe long after Luke, Han, and Leia are gone.