The Best of SciFi Horror


Halloween is coming up and as such you may want to stay in with some scary scifi. The SciFi Horror genre can go heavy on the scifi or heavy on the horror, but what we’ve done is narrowed our list down to the movies with a space/scifi element to them as well as one awesome video game. Check out what we feel is the best SciFi Horror you can spend Halloween with.

John Carpenter’s The Thing

John Carpenter’s remake of the 50’s science fiction movie is not only vastly superior to the original, it also redefined the genre for every movie that followed. There hasn’t since been a science fiction movie that so perfectly rode the line between scifi and horror, and if you’ve ever experienced Carpenter’s The Thing you shouldn’t call yourself a scifi fan.


Prior to Carpenter remaking The Thing in the early 80’s, Ridley Scott’s original Alien was the top of the heap when it came to SciFi Horror. The atmosphere and feel of the movie is still unmatched, and it remains a classic in both the scifi and horror genres. And c’mon, the chest-burster is still awesome. This is another movie that no self-respecting scifi fan should ignore.


While more of an action movie than the original, Cameron’s Aliens still had enough jump out of your seat moments to earn itself a place on this list.

Dead Space

Yes, it’s not a movie. But EA’s Dead Space was good enough to rank right up there with the absolute best the genre has to offer. It combines the gritty, lived-in, feel of Alien and Aliens with monsters that almost remind you of The Thing. The sound design in the game is also unbelievable and if you play it in a dark room with the surrounds cranked, you’re almost guaranteed to crap your pants at least once.

Pitch Black

The Alien formula has been copied many times, but Pitch Black is the best of the bunch. By having creatures that only came out in the dark of night and an anti-hero that could see at night, the movie had a unique story in the midst of the “watch the characters get picked off one by one” formula. It also gave us Riddick, and that is enough of a reason to earn it a spot on this list.


Predator brought back the cool movie monster movie, with a scifi element where the Predator is an alien hunter on safari. Still the best of all of the Predator movies, this one is a classic full of memorable moments.

They Live

Another John Carpenter movie on this list! They Live can actually be considered a scifi/horror/comedy hybrid as there are plenty of laughs as Rowdy Roddy Piper gets a pair of cool shades to reveal, well… you just have to watch it. Unfortunately the current DVD is long out of print and there’s no word on a BluRay release yet. Fanboys will just have to wait longer for that awesome alley fight scene in high def.

Event Horizon

One of the scariest SciFi movies ever. Admit it, you squirmed when the eyeballs were ripped out, or the guy had his guts all over the table under him. Event Horizon is the story of a spaceship that, while trying to fold space, went to hell and back.


Whitley Strieber’s Communion is one of the scariest books you’ll ever read, and one that will keep you up at night for months after you finish it. And it’s no surprise as Strieber was primarily a horror writer before putting his alien abduction story into print. The movie based on that book features one of the creepiest scenes ever when Christopher Walken sees the alien peeking around a doorway.

Fire in the Sky

The majority of Fire in the Sky isn’t scary at all, but the end of the movie when Travis Walton has his flashback to what happened to him on the alien ship is one of the scariest sequences ever in a scifi movie. Ignoring the fact that the real Walton said the aliens never experimented on him like that, it’s guaranteed to creep you out and remain with you long after you turn off the movie. You’ll never look at Jell-O the same way again.