1966 Batmobiles for sale! Holy licensing, Batman!


Happen to have a large chunk of extra cash and a fanboy itch even your Bat-Backscratcher can’t quite reach? Well, the folks over at Fiberglass Freaks have finally (after years of trying) gotten permission from DC comics to produce officially licensed 1966 Batmobiles! Yes… for a mere 150,000 dollars, you too can be tooling around the streets of your hometown in the ultimate fanboy collectible. Of course, getting a stately manor to park it under and a teen sidekick is all on you.

Always sticklers for details, the guys at Fiberglass Freaks have seen to it that the street-legal cars come with more features than you can shake a Bat-stick at. Among the features that got my inner fanboy drooling:

* Five light sequence flasher under the arch

* Working “rocket exhaust” flame thrower, custom-made from heavy gauge steel, with a hidden ignition device

* Phone pedestal and Batphone

* Detect-a-scope with green Lumadisk and working lights, with accurate custom-built knobs

All this and a totally kicking sound system, to boot! Now all I need to do is convince the wife to wear one of those sexy girl Robin costumes