10 reasons why fanboys love Tron


Ever since the trailers for Tron Legacy came out, some people have been wondering why so many are excited about the sequel and why it’s being hyped so much. Well, it’s simply not possible to over hype a sequel to Tron. Just as with the Star Wars and Indy trilogies; Tron is an 80’s movie that’s firmly ingrained in a fanboy’s consciousness. Here are ten reasons why.


Ok, so they’re motorcycles that appear out of nowhere and their light trails are deadly walls to smash your opponent into. How are Lightcycles not cool? They even look awesome. I don’t think there’s a Tron fan out there who wouldn’t kill to drive one of those down the street.


Sure it looks like a simple Frisbee. But that innocent, light up, Frisbee is a spinning disc of death that vaporizes (or de-rezzes) people with a single hit. It’s also a shield to deflect discs tossed at you or a bowl to drink some life-giving energy when the need arises.

The Music

Wendy Carlos’ electronic score to Tron is an undeniable classic. It’s one of those movie soundtracks that transcends the film its in and is one that is on most fanboy’s playlists forever. The Tron Anthem is one of those classic movie themes right alongside Star Wars.

The Look

There’s still no movie that looks like Tron. Even twenty-eight years later it’s unique. From the lighted suits to the early 80s computer animation; you’ll be hard pressed to find a movie that is as fun to look at as Tron. Even the upcoming sequel has a look unique to itself to not really diminish the original classic feel.

The Game Grid

One of the coolest concepts of Tron is being digitized into a computer. But where would a fanboy want to be once in that computer? In the video games of course! But inside the world of Tron, the Game Grid is a life or death affair; so you’ll want to polish up your Halo skills before being zapped by that digitizing ray.


Kevin Flynn is a fanboy hero for the ages. Not only is he a video game programmer who creates awesome games like Space Paranoids, but he owns an awesome 80s arcade and lives in a loft above it.


CLU is just part of what makes Tron so cool. Those raised in the decades prior to Tron’s release probably don’t recognize the name, but CLU is actually a now-ancient programming language and the character is just one of many inside computer jokes sprinkled throughout the movie. Another is Bit who only responds in Yes or No (binary) and the character RAM.


When making a science fiction movie in the 80s, you couldn’t ask for a better villain than the great David Warner. While he’s familiar to most scifi fans and Trekkies due to his multiple Star Trek roles over the years, his slick and completely evil character both in the Tron world and in the real world gave the original Tron something that many fear the sequel will lack.

The video games

While there was a Tron 2.0 FPS released nearly ten years ago, most Tron fans have fond memories of dropping quarters into the original Tron game and Discs of Tron. If you’ve never played them, they’re available on the Xbox Live Arcade and there should even be some flash recreations online.

It paved the way for Tron Legacy with Daft Punk

If it weren’t for the original Tron, we would never get a sequel with a soundtrack done by everyone’s favorite robotic French space aliens; Daft Punk. No matter how the sequel turns out, we will at least have another classic movie soundtrack; only this time it’ll be done by fricken’ DAFT PUNK.