In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, but not in DC Universe Online


Seven years ago, Sony Online Entertainment released the SOE Austin-developed Star Wars Galaxies. It was a Star Wars game that didn’t allow, at the time, players to become Jedi. Now, history is repeating itself with their upcoming superhero MMO DC Universe Online where players will not be able to create a Light Manipulation hero in the game at launch, that means you cannot be a Lantern. has a writeup from the DCUO Q&A at the recent NY Comic Con where this bonehead revelation was revealed:

DCUO’s lack of light-manipulation powers proved a downer, though. In fact, the very first question of the day revolved around whether players can join the Green Lantern Corps, and GL-related questions popped up repeatedly. Heck, I think I saw more Green Lantern and Blackest Night merchandise at NYCC than anything else. (Note: I am wearing my light-up Blue Lantern ring as I write this, and I earned a free green ring by reciting GL’s oath at the DC Comics booth on Friday.)

Anyway, no, light powers will not debut in DCUO at release, though Cao said all four Lanterns from Space Sector 2814, and various others, appear in the game. But Lee, Cao and Anderson all echoed the sentiment at various times that the various Lantern Corps and light-manipulation powers will require serious effort to get right. Based on the demand, though, I would think those are a high priority among SOE’s post-launch plans.

Uh, SOE? A piece of advice. Green Lantern, especially right now and leading into the movie next year, is by far one of the most popular comics on stands. It has legions of fans and even more fans will be created shortly. The first movie trailer for Green Lantern comes out in just one month with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the second is expected in early 2011…right when your game is releasing.

Telling comic fans that they can’t be a Lantern in your DC Comics MMO is exactly the same as telling them they can’t be a Jedi in a Star Wars MMO.