Disney\’s elecTRONica kicks off tonight


If you’re a Tron fan and live in Southern California, there’s only one destination for you this weekend. Beginning tonight (October 8th) at 6:00pm at Disney’s California Adventure, elecTRONica kicks off! The transformation of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area will be in full “Tron” mode every Friday through Sunday this fall through the release of Tron Legacy this December. elecTRONica runs those nights from 6:00pm until park close.

In addition to turning the area into a mini “Tron land”, the event features live DJs. There’s even a rumor, with no specific date as to when this will happen, that Daft Punk will be performing at the park at one point during elecTRONica’s run.

They also re-created Flynn’s Arcade from the first movie, and the good news is you’ll be paying 80’s prices to play the retro games (and Space Paranoids!) in there. There are even Flynn’s Arcade tokens made up for it. The tokens have a 25 cent value and it costs one token per play, just as it should be.

Most importantly, there’s a brand-new 3D preview of Tron Legacy being shown at the event. This was previously thought to just be a repeat of the Comic Con footage, but it’s now been revealed to be an all-new preview created specifically for elecTRONica. We’ll do our best to check it out this weekend and bring you an update as to what it shows.