Want the Duke Nukem Forever demo before everyone else?


2K Games just announced the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club. What is it? Basically it’s a way for you to get the Duke demo before everyone else. All you need to do is buy the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition when it comes out later in the month, register the code in the package, and you have access to the Duke Club.

Entry into this exclusive club will provide fans with the earliest possible admittance to the Duke Nukem Forever playable demo and more. When the demo releases prior to the retail launch of the game, this select group of First Access Club members will be the first to play it and experience the life of the King of All Shooters. Hail to the King, baby!

The Borderlands GOTY edition includes the game and all of the downloadable content on one disc for $60 on the consoles or $50 on the PC. It comes out on October 12th and Duke is due early next year.