The Goonies 25th Anniversary


It’s hard to believe, but The Goonies turns twenty-five this year. To celebrate that, the movie is being released on BluRay in an elaborate special edition. In addition to the movie on BluRay (with all the special features from the original DVD); the 25th Anniversary boxed set includes a new board game, reproductions of select storyboards, a reproduction of the 1985 souvenir magazine, and a reprint of a 2009 issue of Empire with updates on the cast.

As part of the 25th Anniversary and the upcoming DVD release, The Goonies 25th Anniversary site is hosting a scavenger hunt contest where the prize is a trip for four to the Warner lot in California for a live Goonies scavenger hunt where the top prize a cool $5,000. You can check out the site and contest via this link, and stay tuned for more Goonies as the BluRay/DVD release gets closer.