Clone Wars 3.03 – Supply Lines


Update:Our review of the episode has been added!

It’s Friday and you know what that means; a new episode of Clone Wars airs tonight at 9:00pm on Cartoon Network. This week’s episode is titled “Supply Lines” and takes the action back to the planet Ryloth, which is under siege. In order to save the planet Bail Organa turns to the only hope the galaxy has: Jar Jar Binks.

At first, the episode leads you to believe that it will be just more of what most people didn’t like about the prequels; boring political negotiations. But, in the end it really redeems itself. It’s basically two stories: Jedi Master Di fighting on Ryloth and Bail and Jar Jar negotiating with the Toydarians to allow relief supplies to Ryloth. It’s also set before the very first episode of the series when Yoda met with the Toydarians, so what Bail and Jar Jar accomplish here paves the way for Yoda to meet them in that first episode.

Again, there’s a bit of those hated political negotiations that people hated in the prequels. And there’s a big focus on Jar Jar so those who hated his slapstick in Episode I will probably be moved to nausea here. But, it’s worth it as the episode shows that Season Three is again not afraid to take risks and no character (who isn’t seen in Episode 3) is safe. Jedi Master Di is a very cool character, so the end of the episode is one of those “Whoa” moments that we’ll probably see a lot more of as the season continues.

Next week: Lucas returns when Baron Papanoida’s daughter is kidnapped and the Baron faces off against Greedo!