5 Theories about \’The Event\’


NBC’s The Event premiered last night and even before the first episode aired it’s been hyped as a replacement for Lost. Equal parts Lost and 24, the first episode left everyone with plenty of questions. Well, here are five theories as to what may be going on in the series. Naturally spoilers are below, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet check it out before going over these.

1 – Aliens

This one is almost so obvious, they probably won’t even go there. But it’d be cool if they did. It’s possible the detainees are alien contactees who are aware of the aliens plans for Earth, and that’s what they’re keeping from the government (The Event). The line at the end of the Pilot “They saved us” could be talking about aliens.

2 – Alternate Universe/Dimensions

This could tie in with the alien theory as some people do believe that “aliens” are actually inter-dimensional beings. The vortex that the airliner vanishes into could be a portal to an alternate universe/dimension and “They” could be the people on the other side. On the other hand, that could open The Event up to being a massive Fringe rip-off.

3 – Time Travel

Another possibility is that humans from the future are involved. The whole secret installation where the detainees are held could tie into this too as that could be where some kind of time travel experiment went on, the detainees traveled to the future and saw The Event, and are keeping their knowledge about it secret. The vortex could be a time portal that was opened to save the President from the plane as to not affect the timeline.

4 – The Philadelphia Experiment

After aliens, one of the first things to pop in my mind when that plane vanished was the Philadelphia Experiment. The conspiracy theories around that say that the government was trying to make some kind of cloaking device device for the military and it had horrible results. The cause of the plane disappearance could be something similar, only perfected and run out of that secret Alaskan facility.

5 – The X-Men

NBC has cancelled Heroes, and they have The Cape on the way, but those detainees in the Alaska facility could be powerful super-humans with telekinetic and teleportation abilities and “They” teleported the plane away at the last moment.