Marvel brings back What If?


The only thing more fun in Marvel Comics than What If? is Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe. Since we can’t have a new version of that, we’ll just have to settle for more What If? comics from Marvel and thankfully they all sound awesome. Marvel has announced some new What If? specials and a What If? #200 written by Stan Lee. Most of them sound pretty cool:

What If? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor – Imagine Tony Stark in the Dr. Doom armor.

What If? Wolverine: Father – What if Wolverine was around to raise Daken?

What If? Spider-Man – What if Spider-Man killed Kraven?

What if? Dark Reign – The Osborn Assassination – What if Hawkeye killed Norman Osborn?

What If? 200 – What if The Watcher interfered with the original Galactus encounter back in Fantastic Four #48-50? This one is written by Stan Lee.

The specials will include parts of the ultimate What If? – What if the Venom symbiote possessed Deapool. The mind spins at the possibilities. Unfortunately Marvel’s site didn’t mention when any of the new What If? books would be released.