PullList for iPhone – if you collect comics, download this


There are numerous comic book apps for the iPhone, so many that it’s tough to filter through them all. A lot of are just free storefronts for downloading paid digital comics and others are decent comic readers for .cbr and .cdz files (ComicZeal is my favorite in that category). comiXology produces many of the free storefront apps, but they have put out their “PullList” app, which is a pretty useful tool for those who still go to a comic shop every week.

Priced at just $2, the app is basically your tool for organizing your weekly pulls at your shop. The big feature is allowing you to put together your weekly Pull List prior to going into the shop, and the app will automatically add up the total you’ll be spending that week so you shouldn’t get any surprises. It also allows you to look up future weeks as well as locate a shop nearby. That feature seems to be limited in range as I tried it and it only showed one comic shop within 15 miles of where I tried it, and I know there are more just a little farther away.

If you take your iPhone where ever you go as I do, and you collect comics, this is really a super useful little app that more than justifies its $2 asking price.