The 5 Dumbest Comic Story-lines


Comics are known to sometimes be nothing more than soap operas with thought bubbles, but sometimes the stories can get seriously ugly. Over the last fifteen years or so, there have been some real facepalm moments and below we point out the five dumbest story-lines in recent comics.

#1 – One More Day

Joe Quesada is a pox on the Marvel Universe and what he has done to Spider-Man is the proof. Even J. Michael Straczynski disagreed in what has decimated the Spider-Man fanbase and turned more people away from comics than any amount of variant hologram scratch and sniff glow in the dark covers ever could. One More Day is the storyline where Mephisto erases all memory of the Peter-MJ marriage, and is the dumbest decision anyone could ever possibly do with the Spidey books. This is why Joe Quesada is the Michael Eisner of comics. Bonehead move.

#2 – Grant Morrison’s Batman run

Second only to erasing the Peter-MJ marriage is making Bruce Wayne the love child of Alfred. Yup. Grant Morrison is nothing more than an internet troll who moves from comic series to comic series and epically trolls the fanbase right in front of their faces without them knowing it. The whole Alfred possibly being Bruce’s father is just the tip of the iceberg, and the upcoming “Batman, inc.” is the cherry on top of the stupid.

#3 – Grant Morrison’s X-Men run

See that picture of Xorn? That’s actually Morrison laughing at you behind the mask. Before Morrison trolled Batman readers, he did a real number on the X-Men. The whole Magneto-Xorn era is best forgotten in a comic run that has its fair share of stupidity. It hurts my brain just to think about it.

#4 – Onslaught

Nearly twenty years ago; one of the biggest arguments among X-Men fans was who the traitor could be. Gambit? Maybe. Wolverine? Doubtful. Jubilee? Hopefully. Nope. The “traitor” was actually teenage angst of Professor X and Magneto combined into a suit of armor right out of an Image comics one-shot. Onslaught really beat the crap out of comics in 1996, and if that wasn’t bad enough they had Jeph “I can’t write” Loeb and Rob “I can’t draw” Liefeld do a sequel ten years later.

#5 – KnightQuest

After DC killed Superman, and long before Grant Morrison really killed Batman, they decided that they needed a similar crossover for Bruce Wayne. So they had Bane break his back, which was actually pretty cool. The problem is that instead of having Dick Grayson watch over Gotham while Bruce recovered, they handed the reigns over the Azrael and the result was what people now call “Azbat”. He was a brutal Batman with a costume that is only out-done in terms of stupidity by the Scarlet Spider’s (c’mon, the Scarlet Spider had drawstrings around his neck – easy choking win for any villain).