11 Fanboy-tastic craft projects


There’s no doubt about it… Fanboys are generally very creative people. Past the obvious crafting effort necessary for convention costumes and cosplay, there is a large dedicated segment of fanboys that  use their craft skills for all sorts of extraordinary knickknacks and doodads that any fan would love to own. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web… (with instructions where possible)

Ever since Tom Baker first wore one, the granddaddy of all fan craft projects became knitting (or begging grandma to knit) a Doctor Who scarf  (instructions for the longest version from season 16)

Recently, a very dedicated gamer has been building Batarangs from Arkham Asylum. They’re spring loaded, and pop out just like the ones in the game, and he was generous enough to share the build details online for the world to see.

From the second it was shown onscreen in Firefly, the hat Jayne’s Mom sent him has become a popular knitting project to wear at cons. I went to a con recently that had an entire panel dedicated to making them.

Other great knitting projects that aren’t really genre specific are knit DNA and Knit Flying Spaghetti monster. I know that the two of them together would make a wonderful fanboy science mobile for baby’s crib….

Too much Knitting? then try making a paper bag into an Admiral Ackbar hand puppet! I know that this will probably be my next rainy day project for my kids, provided I can do it without screaming “IT’S A TRAP!” at them every five minutes, or having Lucasfilm sue me for it.

Who needs to take your kid to build-a-bear when you can just as easily make him a plush Adipose from Doctor Who?

The ultimate Doctor Who craft is probably to make your own TARDIS. I know that there’s  a large community of Brits dedicated to making TARDIS garden sheds, and one guy that took it a step further and built a TARDIS MAME console that folds out from the big blue box.

Another Fanboy modeling niche is people that build super detailed, life sized R2D2 robots. The amount of detail that goes into a replica of everyone’s favorite walking trash can is simply amazing.

If potentially spending thousands of dollars on an astromech isn’t an option for you, I would suggest these little Papercraft Huey, Dewey and Louie models from Silent Running. They’re really impressive if you take your time with them, and are guaranteed to give you instant Fanboy street cred at your office. I know this because I had all three guarding my computer at one point.  If the little robots seem too easy for you, check out the projects in the rest of the Papercraft gallery. (I think my next one may be that sweet NCC 1701.)

Case modding has become a wonderfully fanish art form in and of itself… but this PC that has been modified to look like Bender from Futurama definitely stands out in a crowd.

One thing you should do when trying to come up with a great fanboy craft project is think a little outside the box. Not all projects after all, require knitting or gluing skills… some just require a fresh coat of paint and a new perspective.  Grilltendo is a great example of this, and I have to admit that I can’t help but think about how awesome I would look flipping burgers for my friends on this thing labor day weekend.

Have you seen any fanboy crafts that amazed or astonished you? Comment below…