Duke Nukem Forever to be revealed at PAX


No, this isn’t a joke. Duke Nukem Forever is really coming out and is expected to be revealed at PAX Prime tomorrow morning at 10:00am Pacific. 2K Games is hyping something “big” tomorrow morning:

2K Games is unveiling something big at PAX this year – and we want to share it with everyone – whether or not you are going to the show. We’ll be streaming the first day of PAX live from our booth and giving you exclusive access to everything we’re doing – and it’s going to be AWESOME. RSVP for the show now – and see you at 10 AM on Friday, September 3rd – live from PAX!

How do we know it’s the mythical Duke Nukem Forever? 3D Realms George Broussard posted a pic of flying pigs on his twitter, and then Jon St. John announced he’ll be at PAX for a Q&A. It’s happening. The rumor is that Gearbox is the developer tasked with finishing one of the most legendary games ever put into production.