9 Super Hero Movie Cameos You May Have Missed


Super Heroes are riddled with so many Easter eggs and star cameos that they’re difficult to catalog. Some are so subtle that they avoid detection from some of the keenest observers. We here at Furious FanBoys are devoted to informing you on everything invaluably trivial. We’re listing some cameos in super hero movies at the top of our heads. If there are any that we missed, don’t be shy.

Note: We’re not going to list the movies Stan Lee has appeared in. That one could take up an entire article on its own.

Frank Miller (Robocop 2, 1990)

During the late 80s and early 90s, Miller was well respected for his magnum opus, The Dark Knight Returns. It’s no surprise, then, that producers would rush to include him in a cameo as “Frank, The chemist” for his creative treatments for previously scripting both the Robocop comics and movies. Not surprisingly, he would move on to appear in the Daredevil and Sin City movies too.

David Hayter (X-Men, 2000)

Best known as the voice of Solid Snake of the Metal Gear Solid video game series, Hayter was also the screen writer for the X-Men film and co-wrote its sequel. Possibly due to the fact that a majority of his acting career consisted of voice work, his appearance as the museum security guard went relatively unnoticed.

Lucy Lawless (Spider-man, 2002)

We all know that Bruce Campbell had a role in this bench mark movie. The one actress who dipped below the radar was The Warrior Princess’s appearance as a punk rock girl. Maybe its because she was otherwise forgettable after her television career.

Lou Ferrigno (Hulk, 2003)

The man who played the original Hulk in the television series made a brief appearance as security guard alongside Stan Lee. He would later return for another guest role in The Incredible Hulk reboot.

Noel Neill (Superman Returns, 2006)

Possibly because of her age, no one but some of the more die hard Superman fans could recognize Lois Lane’s actress for the Superman serials.

Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris (Superman Returns, 2006)

The young screen writers for Superman Returns and the X2 movies make a cameo appearance as students in the Metropolis Museum before getting ushered out by Luthor and his goons.

Ghost Face Killah (Iron Man, 2008)

In a deleted cameo, this legendary rapper made appeared at a hotel while Shell Head was in transit to Afghanistan. Ghost Face Killah has made frequent references to Tony Stark throughout his rap career.

Zack Snyder, (Watchmen, 2009)

The Director made an appearance as a Vietnam War soldier in the theatrical cut. Given the great degree of chaos in those scenes, it’s easy to miss. Also of note, is that Snyder’s son played Rorscach as a child.

Adam Goldstein (Iron Man 2, 2010)

AKA DJ AM, made an appearance as himself before his untimely drug overdose. The film was dedicated on his behalf.