X-Men First Class just went to first class awesome


Last week, Bryan Singer called Harry Knowles over at AICN and gave him some details on X-Men: First Class, which begins filming next week. From the news he revealed, the X-Men prequel/reboot suddenly sounds a lot more awesome and may please fans of the silver age X-Men quite a bit.

  • It’s not actually based on the “First Class” comic.
  • The movie is set in the 60s with JFK still president.
  • Costumes will be more like the comic book.
  • Xavier has hair and still walks, but we will see how he gets in the wheelchair.
  • The movie is set in England, US, and Russia.
  • Matthew Vaughn is very inspired by 60s James Bond tech.

X-Men set in the 60s? More comic book style costumes? Where can I start camping out?