Star Trek Online becomes more \’Star Trek\’ with Season Two


It’s been a little while  since we visited Star Trek Online, mostly because there hasn’t been very much going on and the constant stream of negativity from a vocal minority of players starts to grate after a while. That’s changed a bit this week when Cryptic dropped the huge Season Two patch on players and finally delivered Diplomacy as a method of leveling.

Diplomacy finally gives players a reason to visit Vulcan. Long feared to become another Matrix Online-style dance club; Vulcan (before Season Two) was just a social planet to hang out on. Now it’s one place to receive Diplomacy missions, which involve lots and lots of conversation and investigation. It takes the combat focus of the game away from leveling, and is a great start to satisfy those who were disappointed that the only way to advance your character in STO was to shoot it out.

Other big features of Season Two include new PVE Klingon missions (FINALLY!), a slightly raised level cap, Fluidic Space, and Dabo on DS9. And thanks to fan demands they were able to get Chase Masterson to reprise her role of Leeta (as a hologram) on DS9 for the authentic Dabo experience.

Things are really starting to look up for STO.