The Lost Epilogue hits Youtube and answers questions


Today the twelve-minute Lost epilogue “New Man in Charge” hit Youtube. As you’d expect, it didn’t live very long there. However if you can’t wait until August 24th when it hits DVD with Season Six; here’s the questions from the series that it answered.

  • The pallets of food were from Guam and sent to the island from a warehouse that received the island coordinates from the Lampost station in LA.
  • The Hydra station was for animal research and the polar bears were what they experimented on. The collar that was found in the desert on the bear skeleton was a tracking device.
  • The reason why pregnant women can’t give birth on the island is because the electromagnetic levels from the Orchid stations have “extremely harmful effect on early term gestation”.
  • Room 23 is explained as an interrogation room for the “hostiles”.
  • Jacob is believed to be the hostiles diety.
  • Hurley and Ben aren’t the only two series regulars to make an appearance. “Keith Johnson” plays a big part and is offered a job on the Island.