This Week\’s Comic Reviews – Week of 7/28/10


This week we took a look at a couple DC books, and one Marvel book – and the one Marvel book was pretty good. There’s some Batman, Wonder Woman, and Avengers asking for your cash this week. So what’s really worth forking out $4 for? We let you know below.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4

It’s been my opinion that through Batman RIP (and the death of Bruce Wayne and the subsequent revelations) that Grant Morrison has just been trolling Batman fans. Yet, his “Return of Bruce Wayne” series is pretty fun and the fourth issue is the best yet. In this issue Bruce finds himself in Old West Gotham, and non-other than Jonah Hex is hired to hunt down and kill Batman. In the issue Bat’s costume looks a lot like Zorro, which is a nice nod to one of Bob Kane’s inspiration for Batman. It also gives more lore surrounding Bruce Wayne travelling through history, and wraps up with Bruce one step closer to present day Gotham. This is one of the books to grab this week. It’s great.

Wonder Woman #601

J. Michael Stracynski is writing both Wonder Woman and Superman now, which makes both must-reads. However, his work on Supes is a little stronger so far. In issue 601 of Wonder Woman he’s still introducing us and Diana to this alternate timeline that was introduced (along with her new costume) in the previous issue. This just feels like an extended intro before things kick into gear, and it also feels a lot like he’s written Diana into Season 6 of Lost. The Island is destroyed and she finds herself in a strange alternate timeline? Lets hope she isn’t really dead.

Green Lantern Corps #50

This one got me for Cyborg Superman. I’m still a sucker for that whole 90’s Death/Return of Superman stuff. I remember it all too well. Anyways this issue is really nothing more than ol’ Cyborg Superman giving a typical evil villain monologue about how he longs for a heart. That’s right. They’ve turned the Cyborg Superman into the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I almost expected him to break into a rendition of “If I Only Had a Heart”, but then Kyle burst in and saved the day…only to later discover that there’s an army of robots to deal with.

Secret Avengers #3

Brubaker continues Roger’s and pal’s quest on Mars, and I actually enjoyed the issue quite a bit. It moves along at a brisk pace and right when you’re ready for more…it’s continued next month. Classic comic book cliffhanger stuff here. He gets you ready for what’s coming and you have to wait for the conclusion, which looks pretty awesome from the teaser at the end (can you say Steve Rogers with the Nova helm?)

That’s it for this week’s reviews. I’d love to have time to read EVERY new book each week, but I need to pick and choose. If you can’t wait for our comic reviews, you can follow me on Twitter where I tweet initial impressions of the books as I finish them on Wednesday and Thursday nights (late night).