Expendables fan trailer puts out call to arms


There’s a fan made trailer for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming action film of the century, The Expendables, that’s burning up the internet and we just had to share it with you here. Releasing on August 13th alongside chick flick “Eat, Pray, Love” and hipster magnet “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”; The Expendables assembles the following cast of man-movie legends:

Sylvester Stallone
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dolph Lundgren
Jason Statham
Jet Li
Mickey Rourke
Randy Couture
Terry Crews
Steve Austin
Eric Roberts
If that doesn’t send your action movie fanboy heart all a twitter, nothing will. The trailer, put together expertly by a true fanboy, is a call to arms to make Expendables destroy that little chick flick on August 13th.