The Fanboy Manifesto, Part 1 – The Movies


So you consider yourself a fanboy, do you? But have you been educated in the real classics? The media that makes a fanboy, well, a fanboy? In this on-going feature we’ll point out the biggest movies, tv shows, etc. that any red-blooded fanboy wouldn’t be caught dead without knowing. These are the core of a fanboy’s being. Without these, a fanboy is nothing.

Part 1, the movies.

The Star Wars Saga

The Original Trilogy is called “The Holy Trilogy” for a reason. It’s what binds us, penetrates us, and holds the fanboy universe together. Dislike or hatred of Star Wars is grounds for immediate damnation to fanboy hell, where you’re forced to watch the Twilight movies on an infinite loop. This entry does include the Prequel Trilogy as well.

The Indiana Jones Saga

Almost equal to the Star Wars films are the Indy movies. Raiders is an unarguable classic, and there are camps who champion the superiority of Temple of Doom over Last Crusade and the other way around. And while Crystal Skull has its haters like the Prequels, it has one redeeming element in the Indy/Marion chemistry. Their scenes make even the CG monkeys worth it.

The Lord of the Rings

The fantasy epic fanboys had been dreaming of…forever. Be sure to watch the Extended Editions as being forced to see the Theatricals and not the Extended cuts is almost a crime. It’s not literal to the book, but as an adaptation inspired by Tolkien it get the job done amazingly well. Watch it as one long twelve hour movie for the best effect.

Blade Runner

Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Rick Deckard. Harrison Ford will forever be king to all fanboys. Blade Runner is considered by many to be the greatest scifi movie ever made, and it very well may be. The look and effects of the film is still stunning even nearly thirty years since its release. Ridley Scott did his “Final Cut” of the film a few years ago and that is finally the definitive version of the movie that has more variations almost any other.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

You know why this one is great. Two of the best over-actors in history ham it up in a scifi epic that took the Star Trek franchise to the big screen in a way that its predecessor failed to do.

Back to the Future

The Back to the Future Trilogy is almost up there with the other great trilogies such as Star Wars and Indy. While the first is a classic, I’ve always loved the third where a western was mixed with science fiction and comedy that’s intentional (looking at you, Jonah Hex). The three make an always entertaining scifi comedy trilogy and one every fanboy should be educated with.


Ghostbusters was an amazing result of the right time and the right place. It was the coming together of a script and cast that will likely never be matched or duplicated (as the sequel showed). Fanboys learned many life lessons from Ghostbusters, most importantly to never cross the streams and when someone asks if you are a god, you say “YES”.


Ridley Scott’s Alien is a classic. I’m not dogging it here. But James Cameron raised the bar with the sequel. More aliens, bad ass Colonial Marines, and the Powerloader vs. Queen fight all add up to one of the best science fiction action films ever made. Remember kids, always nuke it from orbit as it’s the only way to be sure.


It’s taken twenty-eight years, but we’re finally getting a sequel to a science fiction movie may people don’t understand. Some don’t get why fanboys are so passionate about it and why they’re having geekgasms over the upcoming sequel. Tron combined computers and video games and tossed people inside those computer systems. Made in an era before the Internet and when computers were much simpler, kids raised in the Myspace era may not get all the references. But for anyone with a rudimentary understanding of computers, and especially older computers, Tron is filled with fanboy goodness.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The future Governor of Cali-fornia re-joined forces with James Cameron to teach us that killer cyborgs from the future can love, make people cry, and blow stuff up better than anyone. While the Abyss broke new ground with CG a couple years before, T2 ushered in the CG era of effects and scifi has never been the same.

The Matrix

The Matrix sequels suck. Really suck. But the original has entered into a modern classic mode, which is why I’ve included it here. You can’t have a fanboy discussion these days about most movies without some knowledge of the original Matrix. Just only watch the sequels once.