7 Cartoons That Need a Movie Adaptation


The 90s were the golden age in saturday morning cartoons and after school syndications. Sadly, these shows are practically extinct in the 2000s and have resigned themselves to cable television hell. This is all the more reason why Hollywood should revive the golden era of cartoons and honor them with a silver screen treatment. Here is our list of cartoons that need a movie adaptation.

Extreme Ghostbusters

A true Ghostbusters sequel has been in the works for years and the original cast isn’t exactly in their prime any more. Our suggestion is that they follow the format of this show and introduce a younger generation of busters with the original team as their mentors.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spawned a whole array of anthropomorphic knock offs (Street Sharks and SWAT Cats anyone?), but this is the one emulation which actually worked. Its creative genius is owed in part to its elaborate story lines, melodrama, and incorporation of literary motifs and mythology. If Hollywood wants an intelligent adaptation they have it at hand, as long as they put more thought into it than they did with The Last Airbender movie.

Mighty Max

More people remember the toy line than the television series itself, but the show had its share of intelligently crafted characters and episodes. The format followed the adventures of the “Mighty One” and his globe trotting adventures across the world with his allies, a viking and a giant talking chicken. Sounds stupid, we know, but you had to see it to appreciate it and its no sillier than some of the live action movies Disney has produced these days.

Darkwing Duck

It was meant to be animated, so a live action film would be out of the question. Perhaps Pixar could offer its computer generated expertise to do this 90s classic justice. With the constant onslaught of super hero movies, this might offer a refreshing parody of the genre.


One part Gundam and equal parts Battlestar Galactica, this cartoon series chronicled the mechanized war between humans and artificially constructed “Neo-Sapien” beings. Everyone loves giant robot shows, so why not this one?

Batman Beyond

Christopher Nolan did the impossible and ressurected the Caped Crusader after a brief demise. We’re not saying that he should direct this idea. We’re just remarking over the characters success and where it should go after his departure. Batman Beyond is a good suggestion for an adaptation. It offers a new direction for the Batman mythos and the attraction of demonstrating what happens to his rogues gallery in the near future.

Johnny Quest

The 90s offered its own gritty reboot of his adventures in the early 90s. With the likes of A-Team and other nostalgic productions reaching Hollywood’s doors, we don’t see why this one shouldn’t be the exemption as long as it’s well crafted and marketable.