10 Video Game Covers


Back during the mid-infused days of console gaming, we couldn’t help but observe that a lot of video game songs would make great covers with the right instruments. Fortunately, we weren’t the only ones. Someone else beat us to the punch of arranged renditions of beloved video game themes of their own. Have you found video game cover songs of your own? Share them with us in the comment section.

Chinese Orchestra–“Super Mario Brothers Theme Medley” (Super Mario Bros.)

The Super Mario Brothers game has featured its decent share of covers throughout the years. A Chinese Orchestra decided to give it a more classical flair and donated an arrangement of their own.

Eminence Symphony Orchestra–“Metal Gear Solid Theme” (Metal Gear Solid 2/3)

This orchestra decided to give an already cinematic series a properly theatrical accompaniment.

Metroid Metal-“Ridley” (Super Metroid)

The Metroid game itself features landscapes which look inspired by the best of most prog rock albums out there. Its only appropriate that someone set out to render their own metal cover of the series.

bLIND-“White Skies” (Final Fantasy X)

OCREMIX has hosted its share of brilliant arrangers and bLIND is one of their best. This track from Final Fantasy X sounds good enough to dance to at the club.

Minibosses-“Megaman 2” (Mega Man 2)

We first heard about the Minibosses back in the late 90s and early 2000s. After checking their webpage, it’s good to know that their still alive and strong. In their earlier years, they decided to cover one of the best titles for the NES at the time.

Ryashon-“Ryu Theme” (Street Fighter II)

If there’s one song which stands out in the Street Fighter franchise, it’s its trademark wandering warrior’s own.

Eminence Symphony Orchestra-“Meridian Dance” (Secret of Mana)

Again the Eminence Symphony Orchestra wow’s us with the Secret of Mana’s final boss stage with a fusion of both classical and contemporary musical instruments.

I Fight Dragons- “I Fight Ganon” (The Legend of Zelda)

While there are better Zelda pieces out there, you have to appreciate the fan enthusiasm of these musicians.

ProjectsTJ-“Still More Fighting” (Final Fantasy 7)

The original song for this game had rock cover written all over it, so it should come as no surprise that many imitator’s followed suit.

Byboynoe-“Spark Mandrill Stage”

Spark Mandrill’s stage already sounded like a rock song written in midi format, so it appropriately got us excited when someone decided to bring its rendition to life.