10 Awesome Cosplay Examples Inspired by Science Fiction


Cosplayers: we may poke fun at their failures from time to time, but you know as a kid you did the exact same thing. Much like there’s always going to be someone who has a bigger, better car than you, the same also applies for costumes.

Attend any science fiction convention and you’re bound to at least encounter one costume that blows everyone else’s out of the water. Here are some of the noted costumes we’ve discovered with a simple google search.

The Guyver

Do you remember the Guyver? We must be the only ones…Either way, this costume features a removable breast plate which allows its wearer to reveal its “Mega Smasher.”

Cloud Strife

Our only question is if that isn’t wig, then how’d he get his hair to do that?


Artists are able to produce costumes like these, yet Michael Bay still insists on burning cash on crappy CGI.


The light up eyes are a nice touch to the combat uniforms from this haunting anime.


Cosplayers are like ravers. Most of them look like idiots, but occasionally one comes along that has our jaws hitting the floor.

Iron Man

With a light up arc reactor, the only thing missing are his visible repulsor rays.


How the hell did this guy get into the convention without bumping his head?

Asuka Langley

Although it looks like something from a fetish party, this costume is a spot on rendition from Evangelion.

Ivy Valentine

Not only is this a good costume, but its wearer fills it out in all the right places.

Doctor Octopus

This takes us back to the days when the Spider-man movies were still good. The center of each tentacle also lights up just like in the film.