10 reasons Fanboys deserves a spot in your video library


Fanboys is a movie not many people caught, mostly due to a limited and scattered theatrical release. It’s out on DVD now and it hit BluRay at the end of last month. Here are ten reasons why if you’re a Star Wars or SciFi fan, you’ll want to own this movie.

It’s About Us

I don’t mean “us” as in this site. This movie is for those who love the Star Wars saga. Those who are part of the 501st or Rebel Legion. Those who pitched a tent in front of a movie theater and camped out to see one of the prequels. It’s a movie made by fans and for fans.

The Story

The basic gist of the movie is that it’s the story of a group of friends who decide to fulfill a lifelong dream of breaking into Skywalker Ranch when they learn one of them is dying from cancer and won’t live to see Episode I. Putting yourself back into the pre-Prequel mindset of the late 90’s, this is something any Star Wars fan can identify with.

The Van

What Star Wars fanboy wouldn’t kill to have a van like that? And the inside is even better complete with Millennium Falcon-style touches.

The Cameos

From Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Ray Park, and even “Harry Knowles”; the movie has some really great cameos. All of which will make any Star Wars fanboy laugh. The Smith and Mewes cameo in particular is great.

The Shat

Yes, it’s another cameo; but Shatner plays a key role in the movie. Without him, the guys wouldn’t have the information they need to break into The Ranch. And hey, Shatner makes anything better.

THX 1138 Police

No, Skywalker Ranch doesn’t have THX 1138 Police guarding the property as security guards (although their fire department does have the most awesome shoulder patches ever), but it’d be cool if they did.

The Archives Room

There isn’t really an elaborate archives museum-style room at the Victorian house on The Ranch (there are some props in the study though), but this part of the movie is for Lucasfilm fanboys as not just Star Wars is covered, but Indy and Willow as well.

May 19th, 1999

The movie remembers well (and captures the feeling of) that night in May of 1999 when all Star Wars fans were united in watching the first Star Wars movie in more than a decade.

Kristen Bell as Slave Leia

This pretty much speaks for itself.

That final laugh

Not to spoil the end of the movie here or anything, but the final line in the movie will speak to all Star Wars fanboys. It doesn’t matter what side of the love/hate Episode I fence you’re on, it gets a well deserved laugh that rings very true.