10 Superheroes with a Handicap


In America, we enjoy listening to stories about people who overcome adversity even against some of the most limiting odds. Both the Marvel and DC legions possess heroes with existing real world handicaps and managed to become heroes despite these impediments. Here is our list of these heroes and what they can do.


Matt Murdock lost his sight when a canister splashed his face with toxic chemicals. The Lord may have taketh, but he gave much more in return. Enhanced with razor sharp senses, Murdock would become a lawyer by day and masked vigilante at night when the law failed to deliver its promise of justice for all.

One Armed Swordsman

Most people brag that they can beat an opponent with one hand. This guy from the self-titled Hong Kong movie lives up to that promise because it’s the only way he can.


The opposite of the Daredevil, Echo is deaf. This deficit gifted her with photographic reflexes, enabling her to memorize and mimic a martial movement perfectly.


Instead of retiring after the Joker paralyzed her, Barbara Gordon became an information broker and further supported the Batman family in their ongoing war on crime.

Hornet (Eddie McDonough)

With a palsied arm, Eddie McDonough distracted himself from his disability by developing a knack for inventing. It was this endeavor that led him to adopt the third person of the Hornet and join the accolade of heroes in the Marvel Universe.


This short lived television series told the tale of a parapalegic who constructed a suit that not only enabled him to walk, but endowed him with augmented abilities.

Barrett Wallace

While not a super hero per se, this hero from the iconic Final Fantasy franchise grafted a machine gun to his severed arm and vowed vengeance against an evil conglomerate.

Captain Marvel Jr. (Freddy Freeman)

An accident crippled Freddy Freeman, but also led to a chance  encounter with the original Captain Marvel. This meeting gave Freddy similar powers to Marvel himself and become his teenage counterpart.

Professor X

The world has never been kind to Charles Xavier. In addition to being a hated minority, an accident took the use of his legs. Instead of moping over his predicament, he kick-started a civil rights movement for others like him in the Marvel U.


This member of Alpha Flight shrunk down to size amidst a mystical transformation enchanting him with super human strength. Creator John Byrne originally intended him to simply be an athletic dwarf, and we have to agree that we liked that idea better.