E3 2010: Day One Report


So the first day of the 2010 E3 show has come to a close and we’re back with sore feet with two more days to go.

Today was really a re-con day where we basically just scoped out the show for anything cool to dive into more over the next couple days. One highlight was bumping into Infinity Ward co-founder Jason West at the EA booth while checking out the multiplayer demo of the new Medal of Honor. We told him how we couldn’t wait to see what Respawn was working on.

Sony Online Entertainment had multiple playable kiosks showing off the various mini-games in Clone Wars Adventures. We saw a Tower Defense one that looked surprisingly in-depth, as well as space combat and speeder racing. It looks like a fun, FreeRealms-style, Star Wars game that will appeal to more than just the kids.

From what we could tell, neither Halo: Reach nor Call of Duty: Black Ops could be found playable on the floor. Disney had Tron: Evolution there complete with some props (such as the Lightcycle) and awesome Tron controllers for all three consoles (see our Gallery).

Star Wars had a large presence with a huge screen showing the Force Unleashed 2 CG trailer on a large screen, and we saw Bioware employees all over the place sporting Old Republic shirts. We’re planning for a big Star Wars day on Thursday, so check back later this week if all goes to plan.