The 10 Most Vicious Comic Villains


Lists of greatest super villains have been done again and again. That still isn’t stopping us from citing some of the most vicious super villains in our collected memories.

Never mind, that several of these characters don’t even possess proper powers. When it comes down to it, we wouldn’t want to be caught alone in an alleyway with them even fully armed.


Wolverine’s arch nemesis. Unlike his counterpart, Sabertooth delights in giving into his primal urges and murders with the glee of an unchained sociopath.


A villain to some, but a hero to none. This megalomaniac was willing to sacrifice an entire city to satiate his ego and declare himself the savior of humanity. We don’t know what’s more terrifying, that or the fact that he single handedly took down the likes of Rorschach with such ease.


The villain with the perfect aim has had so many conflicting origins that it’s difficult to pin down just one. With the mystique of both Wolverine and the Joker, Bullseye’s viciousness equally knows no grounds. He has murdered Daredevil’s original love, Karen Page, along with a whole slew of others—often for nothing more than the sake of pure monetary gain.


Once considered the galaxy’s greatest Green Lantern, this one time hero went astray after succumbing to his insatiable thirst for power. After his fall from grace, he started a self-titled corps using the fears of others to power his ring. It’s because of this that most fans liken him as the space fascist of the DC Universe.

The Red Skull

On the topic of fascists, this one stands out as a cliché in itself. There are only so many different ways in which you can present Nazis as nefarious until they lose their edge. In spite of that, this villain’s schemes brought the entire Marvel Universe in a crisis and completed what none have accomplished: the death of Captain America.


The chief mob boss of the Marvel Universe, Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) monopolizes a majority of the organized crime in New York City. His ruthlessness is unmatched by even the likes of Michael Corleone, and even went so far as to order a hit on Spider-man’s Aunt May.

The Green Goblin

Often times it’s difficult to take Norman Osbourne (Green Goblin) seriously with his silly get up, but his actions speak louder than his attire. In addition to murdering Gwen Stacy (Spider-man’s first love), he forever changed the face of the Marvel Universe by replacing the Avengers roster with a team of super villains. Let’s not forget, he was also responsible for the Clone Saga. (Shudder).

Ultimate Magneto

While the regular Marvel Universe’s Magneto is purely concerned with the survival of his species, Ultimate Magneto’s own ambitions are based purely around Mutant supremacy. His egomaniacal disdain for humans is so extreme, that he even went so far as to consume their flesh under the pretense that they’re indistinguishable from animals.

Lex Luthor

In another time and another place, Lex Luthor might have been a hero, but his unhinged hatred for the Man of Steel eliminated any possibilities of such. Instead of directing his intellect towards world peace or a cure for cancer, Luthor devoted himself to the destruction of the Man of Tomorrow. How many villains out there do we know of with such a viciously irrational hate?

The Joker

You should’ve seen this one coming. No list is complete without mentioning the Dark Knight’s demented foe. What’s intimidating about this chaotic menace is the sheer delight he takes from his crimes. The murder of innocents are nothing more than a cosmic joke in his twisted view of the world.