Peter Jackson Is Not Directing The Hobbit


despite the rumors you may have heard circulating on the interwebs, Peter Jackson will Not be directing The Hobbit.

Jackson’s manager, Ken Kamins, told Entertainment Weekly that there are some interesting names on a short list to take over production of two “Hobbit” films in New Zealand, but none of them are his client.

“That’s not something he can consider at this time as he has other commitments to other projects,” Kamins. said. “But make no mistake, Peter and [executive producer Fran Walsh]’s commitment to the franchise is total and will do everything necessary to protect the films and the investment made by New Line, Warner Bros., and MGM.”

So if Peter Jackson isn’t directing, then who is?

New Line and Warner Bros. is taking the most active role in finding a director, with plans to meet both Jackson and Walsh this week, according to EW. Some of the names the magazine is throwing around that could be interested include Alfonso Cuarón, Sam Mendes, Michel Gongry and even Tim Burton.

Del Toro announced his departure from the project over the weekend to the fan site, after spending two years in New Zealand. Sources say production is expected to start as planned at the end of the year.